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This Is When You Know You’re Working Too Much

As I approach the six year anniversary of launching Lua, it seems like the perfect opportunity to reflect on how I’ve dealt with avoiding burnout along the way. In the early days of Lua, we were working seven day a week, 24 hours a day. As we scaled and grew the team, we noticed that a team operates much differently than founders do. Although this meant shifting our business strategy, it was necessary and beneficial.

BYOD adoption is hampered by lax security

As a growing number of medical providers use their smartphones and tablets to improve the speed and quality of healthcare delivery, this explosion of portable and largely unsecured devices is leaving patients and healthcare organizations vulnerable to hackers and cyber criminals bent on exploiting patient data for personal gain.


Work Management in Theory: Context

Work management is a term that has emerged in recent years as task management tools were enhanced with various social communication capabilities, principally derived from design motifs from work media tools.


Study: Consumer Messaging Apps Could Pose Risks to Enterprises

The use of consumer-based messaging apps for business is growing in popularity among mobile workers, but these apps could be a risky venture for enterprises when it comes to protecting information. That's according to a new study by Infinite Convergence Solutions that asked 500 professionals about their mobile messaging habits.


The Suddenly Exciting Future of Enterprise Communications

Enterprise communications is not a sector that typically generates palpable excitement. In the enterprise, the plumbing is never as exciting as the fixtures, and people spend more time noticing what communications enables than how it’s delivered. But this bias is now outdated, largely because software has taken the lead in an industry that was previously hardware-centric.

How to Successfully Integrate Secure Texting, Messaging reviews the basics of secure texting and messaging options, and touch on what current regulations dictate. We will also round up some of the more recent ways that healthcare providers have integrated secure texting or secure messaging.

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